Just A Girl


United States
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I am just a girl.
A typical teenage girl.
A girl who, in no special way, stands out or makes her self

There's nothing wrong with that.
Going about my business day in and out
with people who care and people who don't
people I've gotten to know and people I won't
I'm Just a Girl.

Most times I like being just a girl
Just a typical teenage girl
A girl who
listens to the music she should,
watches the shows targeted at her demographic,
And buys the products that proclaim to hold the secret of beauty

Because what else should I do, right?
I'm Just a girl.
Just a Typical Teenage girl and
Typical teenage girls are predictable.

On certain days though, I don't want to be "just a girl"
That "Typical Teenage girl" who
Takes everything that is laid out for her
on the glossy pages of a magazine



I like the message that you're portraying here, it is completely relatable. Often people forget that we're all individuals and fitting in doesn't always fit. I also like how you used the balancing phrase "just a girl" it unified your stanzas well

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