Just a Little Bit of Empathy


If only I could change the world just right now
I would not even hesitate, but give us all a little bit more empathy
The love to go forward with people as friends and not rivals

Eyes that see the hidden, sad, hurt and passionate
Hands that lift up those that need them the most
Lips that build bridges between individuals

And for all the broken or just a bit lost
I'd give strength and hope
Because there is nothing more tragic than feeling lonely and unsure

No matter where you are right now
What you're doing
How strange your dreams might seem

You're not alone
And you should be proud of who you are because there is nobody else like you
With all your crazy ideas in mind, you can be somebody's hero

With this short poem I'm giving you the most powerful tool of all
And that is love to everything and everyone you see, meet and think of
It's the key to self-identity and people's hearts


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