Just a Speck of Dust

Thu, 03/08/2018 - 08:31 -- tuna

My AC is broke

I ain’t got no hope

‘Cus when it’s broke

I get soaked

And my sweat’s just gross

It’s all sticky and icky

And my skin crawls

‘Cuz I’m knit-picky

Ya’ see I like it clean

But not quite pristine

I got standards though

Ya’ know what I mean?


I sweat way too much

Grossly moist to the touch

I got a bad sweating gene

Covering me in a salty sheen

Deodorants don’t seem to be

That much of an effect on me

Be it one coat,

Two coat,

Spray on or just cleaned

That dumbass AC

Gone up’n broke on me

So now I gotta sit and sweat

In my memory


Truth is,

It may be petty of me

Whining about my broken AC

But all the problems in the economy,

The government, society,

How we’re killing the earth gradually

It’s too big of a topic

For me to handle with

So much scandal involved

In stating our cause

For getting out’a bed

And fighting the hard

Cruel face of reality

That’s hovering right over me

Mumbling constantly that I’m not good enough

To make a change


We’re all specks of dust

We’ll corrode like rust

As we scream and shout

Words that never left our brain

Through our mouth

It’s a sink that’s clogged

The faucet running too long

Rivers of blood

Gushing out into mud

Dark, dirty, and swamped


Our demise in inevitable

The blood in my mouth

Practically palpable

As I stutter out stanzas

Entrapped in despair

Just to live a little longer

Say some unimportant words

If I’m just a speck of dust

A piece of dirt on society’s shirt

Gone after a load in the washing machine

Of life’s triviality

Everything I say is insignificant

By comparison insufficient

As my sink overflows

My AC’s still broke

And I am just

A speck of dust


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Our world
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