Just A Thought

I am a teacher of children and father with none
I am an artist with a different frame of mind
There is nothing that strikes me like the lack of trust and care
Among fellow humans, what a waste and I don't dare

Please tell me the real motive, I will try to understand
The time is getting shorter, let's make this moment fine
We breath the same air, we use the same soil
The water is all ours and the skies we all do share

What else is in there that is hard to comprehend ?
Don't we all look for the same in our lives and in our destiny ?
Let's stop and think and let's set a change
Because the time is ours and our children will be soon gone

Or we will find ourselves mourning in the middle of a quiet storm
It all seems so ironic that after all our years
See ? at the end of the road ? There is something for all of us, dear
The same hole and the same fear

Let's live with ample joy because our hour is almost here

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