Off lehigh go south bound down coraI street, go to where Coral & Boston meet, see that's where I originated from hargert playground with reinforced fleets, Rest Easy to my homies they was the elite, death is price playing in the streets, once a boss now taken it like defeat, Always ready to rumble never letting a friend retreat, Drugs tricked my team and they got treated, I still ran hard on my Kensington streets, Death hits harder then cold concrete, the fear of losing another invoked my defeat , So instead of walking to a different beat, I choosed the same lonely path of the bitter obsolete, I picked up survival techniques to make ends meet, I learned life lessons from my old heads until I was setup to get beat, krama came in more ways than one, then again in repeat, I wear long sleeves to keep the track marks discrete, I got cold so went to my homies for heat, I got hungry so I went to my girls to eat, running tricks in bando's, leaving the stench of sweety feet, finding tons of broken lives incomplete, wondering why I was effected with this fight, drugs got me addicted inflicted with fright, overwhelmed by a needle not concerned with a bite, caught in dark Allyways copping with no light, my future no longer looking to bright, presuming that all my wrongs were right, "Shit I have no where to rest, "Fuck It" right there in plain sight, I'm losing so much weight, I got no strength, no might, all this for a little delight, just another day in a KENSINGTON night, stories of fiens, insides dissected, livers infected, hitting pipes, poisoned injected, running from loved ones rejected, constantly dejected, ill respected, guardian angels repented, lying and scheming skills I dented, a hard on erected, tricking perfected, Kensington is a battlefield the life I accepted, taking food stamps to poppy stores, purse snatching, ba'hando lights flashing, living in gore, empty bags, crushed needles, Kensington nights never a bore, shell casings and more, health & diet -piss poor, number of meals a week prolly four, life of the survivor of the fittest, hard to the core, shit I saw, death, drug dealing, innocents took raw, breaking&entering, fuck the law, johns be pimping, tricks be tricking, drunks be sipping, dopers be dipping, There's always some kind of come up plan, you got supply & demand, ill take your shit then sell it to your man, scam after scam, she hits the pipe and he ran, some corners are deeper than the ku Klux Klan, they sell everything in grams, strong as a group, but alone they can't stand, it is what it is, to be dirty and low, live stops, whips being towed, train track lights no longer glow, there's no control, living under the el, lonely and cold, shit got no picks, black and white, young or old, so remember Kensington will suck your blood and leave you with no soul, and truth be told, a bunch of people are struggling through these streets & rehabs of all kinds, your dealing with monsters and demons and sick twisted minds, only to find, Kensington is a lifestyle that you must leave behind.........

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