Kindness is all around us

In the smile of a stranger

In the tinkle of a baby's laughter

In the chirp of a nightingale


Expressed in many different fashions

Thought of in diverse manners

Given in several ways

Received with positive gratitude


Kindness is the cloud of mellowness that I take care of my siblings with

Kindness is the delicate silk of words that come out of my mouth to give advice

Kindness is the soothing lotion that I cure my parents doubts and bruises with 

Kindness is the nectarous fruit that inspires me to take care of those in need


This poem is about: 
My family
My country



This poem is so cute! But for the sake of argument, I can't agree with you that kindness is always "received with positive gratitude". I think in some cases, the gratitude doesn't have any positivity about it - and sometimes the gratitude may not exist at all. But that's just my take- feel free to disagree. I love the repetition in this piece, though!

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