God dam it, I need a new doc . So I can stay on this thrill with this new set of eyes. Its hard when its so foggy out there making me all cloudy, Turning me to what i dont like , My left side hates my right side , So were divided in half. Constantly raging war with in our self, I just lay in bed Wishing all this away like a bad dream thats going to be over soon, But as soon as I lay my head down hoping this is going to be my Grand exit from this fucked up reality, But when my eyes open its just another day and my Twisted destiny is still yet to come, Who knew hell was all in my head trapped not knowing whats real and whats not and if im just fucked up in the head with a few Knots over this nonsense but when you know you just know, I guess it would have been so simpler just to keep my eyes closed and tune in with the rest of the sheep, Waiting on the news to hear which celebrities are fucking each other. But the calling for me to shatter this reality is to real... it's like Destiny is constantly Feeding me hints and clues that I cant fully Digest.
if only i Knew how to kill my head for just a brief moment im so sick in my mind with confusion, Its not a joke, Please stand back before i attack your soul, turning it to a mirror reflection of my own, so you have to deal with this tainted reality

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Our world
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