Know How




I’m in your class everyday

 But you don’t know me

Despite what you say

No grade can tell you who I am

I’m not one of your pets who will sit and cram


Each day for me is all about trying

And if I fail I don’t come to you crying

I’m always on, I’m always learning

I take it all in- my brain’s constantly churning


I’m not one of your pets- I don’t have great grades

     Get out of your book

‘Cause intelligence has many shades


Do you know how creative I can be

Have you given thought how I succeed

Are you stuck in the words of the Core

I’m not one of your pets but I know the score


You’re concerned about your reflection- only grades can show

 But for me- I want more from my education- so I can grow

So look at me with respect - and admiration

I apply what you’ve taught-And that’s the best teacher evaluation


I’m not one of your pets- but should rightfully be

A book smart student can’t compete with me

So give it a chance-you have nothing to lose

Let me show you what I’ve learned- How, is up to me to choose


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