Know Me Now

If I met me now

What would I say?

Would I smile?

Would I blush?

Would I turn away?


I see my face,

See it next to mine.

Who are you?

Are you sure

That I end up fine?


I can't decide

If I feel inspired.

I can't decide.

If you just look tired.


One thing I know,

One day I'll be,

Walking 'round

Talking sound

And feel like me.


I want to know

What's it like to be


Feeling drained.

At least you're free


Would I know me now?

Would I recognize

Under wounds

And bruises?

Or would I criticize.


What I wouldn't give

To just go back.

To choose

Just to lose

My mind, to lose track.


I want to know me now,

Not know me yesterday.

I left that child




Under a bed

in a closet




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My community
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