know your enemy


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know your enemy
enemy will strike when there is vulnerability
thats when you keep enemy close with high accountability
enemy will coil your mind with poisonous lies and deceit
treat your mind as if it was a garden
your garden is full of roses and violets with a fence up protecting you from danger
that danger is that snake slithering your garden with hatred
find that snake and step on it
get rid of it and bury when evil have no resurrection
thats how your mind needs to be
clear, strong, and discipline like a master teaching his student in martial arts
your enemy is smart and tactiful
be steps ahead and your life is wonderful
the worse feeling in the world is whispers to your ears that echoes you will never change
if you believe that, then those thoughts become a reality
so surreal that you lost all of yourself
put your hands together on your head and let go of that evil, demonic influence that sufficates your path to glory
you see the change so profound that you don't need to appear in a talk show like maury
enemies smile in you face and talk behind your back
when the times come to confront the enemy, kill the enemy with kindness which is your knack
digest this phrase keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer

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The comparison of the mind to a garden is a fitting one, both poetically and culturally. In the 1960s, the term "getting back to the garden" was about cleansing your mind and soul, focusing your life, getting rid of all of one's mental snakes and doing what needed to be done in order to be successful and happy. Excellent, powerful tie-in.

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thank you for your thoughts
its about recognizing what's around you and staying alert at all times
even now, the garden is that place that cleanses your mind, body , and soul in which one must take control of their life
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thanks 4 the support

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