knowledge is power (God's words)

anyone who isolates from knowledge

will not only lack understanding

but seeks one's own desires leading to the bottom of the pits

where you won't get out

you're the crab in the bucket trying to get out

and the other crabs pull you back down

and you're weaken self gives in

your stupidity rages against wisdom

a goon has no delight to open his heart, mind & soul to understanding

you try to sound relevant, but yet you go backwards and justifying wrong doings

acceptance of responibility is absent, but blaming others is the present

in expression from the heart comes the wicked

when it comes, so is contempt, along with dishonor comes reproach

words of a man that honor God bears all fruit

it's never good to be partial towards the wicked

that's when sound judgement is clouded with false representation fill with lies

we are all brothers and sisters

don't say i'm your brother

and then plot to assassinate me when disagreement arises

it's easy to love when we have commonalities

it's loving one another when we have difference of opinions, who come from different walks of life

who seeks The Lord

proverbs 18 verse 10 states

the name of The Lord is a strong tower

the righteous run to it and are safe

before destruction happens, one's heart is arrogantly disdainful

before honor, comes humility that encompasses respect

the spirit of a man that accepts Christ will sustain sickness that's unwarranted

heart contagiously forever seeks knowledge

and the ear of the wise will never go deaf

hears with cunning senses, listens to truth that digested one's appetite

death and life are in the power of one's tongue

it's what you say that comes out of your mouth

that will determine whether you live or die

a person that have friends must be friendly and receptive in acceptance

there is that one friend who will stick closer than one's own brother



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There is, and it does.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

everything i do in life is to glorify God

giving me strength and wisdom to write

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Amazing poem! Touching, and it has a good flow to it. :) Great job!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for the comment

i'm humbly appreciative........check out my other work

come join my group mvp-most valuable poets and promote your work

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

it's all about God's glory

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I Define Nice

Mr. MVP is in a class of his right and he is indeed one of my favorite mentors in literature, as his words mends walls to construct this skillfully crafted poem. It can read and considered on many levels. There are physical, mental, and emotional barriers that are confronted upfront with a notion that good fences only make the most hostile neighbors.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

I'm gratefully humble that my literature connects to you that constructs layers of reality and authenticity. This poem speaks boldness, and challenges people to cultivate their spiritual walk with God
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