knowledge: where it all begins

to comprehend wisdom and decree

perceive words of understanding its meaning

receive instructions of wisdom that applies to the ones who are wise

justice, discernment, and impartiality

prudence is given to the simple

to a person seeking knowledge, able to make sound mind decision using good discretion

wisdom will hear, increase learnng, will never go dumb, deaf & blind

and a person with awareness will be able to attain wisdom from the wise

to truly understand a proverb and an enigma

the words of the wise will speak in riddles

the words of the wise will speak truth that will set one free

The fear of The Lord is where knowledge begins

goons will despise wisdom with hatred

fools will not follow instructions and act selfishly for its own desires

hear the instructions and never forsake laws from your mother and father

the foundation starts at home that is represented by The Lord

if bad company entice you in corruption of good morals 

never consent, that's the enemy lying to you

if goons say let's go rob somebody

let's secretly lurk for the innoncene without cause or remorse

let's wait for the moment to kill him so the scene becomes a bloodbath

let's swallow anyone else whole

and as a whole, you will all fall into the pits

do not walk down that path of destruction with them

walk away

let their feet run to evil

sure enough, the grave awaits their names carved in stones

they will lie in their pool of blood

their lack of selflessness and seek their own greed will lead to their lives being cut real short

wisdom shouts aloud outside

as i raise my voice to You prayfully

in a place that exemplifies hopeless situations

my words are spoken

simplistically speaking, will you love with such simplicity that the simple way to love someone is foreign

for scorners glorify scorning that scorches heat that infiltrates mean spirited people to be evil

fools hate knowledge because they don't want to receive knowledge

God calls you

The Lord wants you

you refuse, you rather be close minded where the walls collapse on you

turning your mind body and soul to fragments of dead debris where no one can find you

He stretches His hands out and you slap it away

because you disdain wisdom that will save your life

you don't want Him to rebuke evil out of you weaken soul

He still loves you, but hates your sin

the laughter of your calamity begins

the mockery happens when terror strikes

terror will come destructively like a storm trampling down with monsterous noise striking fear

destruction will spin like a wild whirlwind out of control

distress and anguish awaits, eating at your very core

oh now, you want to cry

He won't wipe your tears

you call Him, He won't answer you

you seek him diligently with determination, you won't find Him

since you hate knowledge, you won't have knowledge

why? you didn't fear The Lord 

you want nothing to do with Him because you don't believe Him nor in Him

so therefore, let the enemy have fun with you

bear fruit on your own, eat it at your convenience, and be filled with your own satisfaction

whoever listens to Him like myself for example will run to His safety

because He is a strong tower that will never crumble in shambles

the righteous ones will be secure without any fear of evil



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