latin kings


United States
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the true latin kings are legends
no, not the ones wearing yellow and black
that is so wack
true latin kings dont need bandanas
its not as if they have any vendettas
george lopez-true lating king of comedy
tito puente-true latin king of afro cuban
roberto clemente-true latin king of baseball
victor cruz-one day, true latin king of football
so you see, true kings are legends
you see their names are in the hall of fame
not like others, their names are in the grave shower with shame

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This poem is really insightful. I bet it's even better when you read it. Why not record it as a video? The rhythm is so cool.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for your support
it can be a video-do u know a person that does filming, documenting,etc
perhaps we can collaborate
thanks for the shoutout

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