lazily untitled

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 14:16 -- Dani_D

I have plans for greatness but sometimes I feel like I can never reach it.

And I really would love it if everything I said was poetic.

But I guess I am more crude than I thought.

I know I am too blunt to make things sound pretty.

Maybe it is my bluntness that makes me state the truth so I can't sneak through and grab my dreams.

Could I be too honest for my own good.

But that doesn't make sense, because, well, honesty is the best policy.

Life is too complicated, especially for people like me.

I have a simple mind.

I am not at all complex.

Really I am rather boring actually.

But it is not like I have a one track mind.

I do think about more than one thing.

But I guess they are not important things.

I can't seam to remember them now.

I must of not really cared.

Emotion is one thing that confuses me.

They are not my friends.

Again, I guess I'm might just be too simple for them.

I am just tired.

I have to care about people and it really is wearing me down.

Maybe I have a limited reserve of emotion.

That must be it.

I guess this reserve also makes me to tired to achieve the greatness I have planned.

I must be the epitome of lazy.

Too lazy to care even about myself.

Does that make me a sad excuse for a person?

Probably does.

Well I don't really care either way.


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