I hate asking for help, i hate being a bother

But thats what happens when you can't talk to a mother and father

For all those who say "Im so sad or im so depressed"

You ave no idea what it's like when you hold a knife to your chest

You're sad for a day maybe just a hour

I'm sad 24/7 sitting in a dark room without power

You don't know what its like to be truly sad

To go to sleep at night thinking "today wasn't that bad"

Try waking up daily wearing a fake smile

Then you can talk to me about being "sad" for a while

Don't try to compare your life to mine

Because while I'm here fighting you're doing perfectly fine

There is sadness then there is depression

I hope this poem teaches you all a lesson.

Jaelen Johnston 1-11-16

This poem is about: 
Our world


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