The Lesson in the Rain

I walk outside and watch as the rain attacks my umbrella

Full force as if to prove a point. Maybe that point is that

Change is the only constant; it could simply tell us that

Sometimes it will rain, and as a result,

Things will get ruined; things will improve

It will do what it’s meant to do so simply take it for what it is

Accept its power to destroy and create

Don’t simply dwell on the negativity

And as the rain begins to overpower the umbrella

Seep through, understand that I did my best to stay dry

It’s not that my best wasn’t good enough

But simply that other factors happen; therefore

I appreciate the rain and the valiant effort of the umbrella

And value the little things while realizing that

My best will never be “not good enough”

During any hurdle or aspect of my life

And that goes for you as well. So remember that…


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