Lessons In Civility


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You know what’s hard about civil rights?
I’m the white male juvenile discussing it
Can you put that picture together?
I’m blamed for the mistakes of people I never knew
I get it
It’s like trying to see love for the first time
How can something so superficial in my mind…
Be so real
“Momma always told me”
That’s how I begin a lot of my songs
I etch out that line
She taught me a lot but I don’t know how to express her thoughts
Because she understands me on a different medium
Just how I understand my fellow races
Culture shock you could say
That’s why I always remind them I love them
Like brothers and sisters
That’s what the bible says we are
I revel in the fact that we’ve come so far
They’ll still call me over-privileged
No matter how much bacon Dad brings home
Dad hasn’t brought home a pig in a while
Y’all wouldn’t know unless you asked
I guess that was the problem from the beginning
The plantation owner never asked the slave
How was your day?
Because the answer he would get was an automated response
“A great day, master”
If that question was ever asked at all
This is a society that never lies true to itself
Because we’re always looking for something else
Thank God for conviction
Someone had to stand up and say it
We as humanity have a conscience
In that conscience we know we are equal
Not from face value of the word
But that no man is lesser or greater in power
No woman is lesser and great in power
No race is more powerful than the other
So yes that is right Hitler
The Aryan’s have nothing over the rest of us
Life couldn’t be beautiful otherwise
You and I know that
They fought on buses in the south
And I still take the Freedom Rider’s express
Because you may see me for being a white male
But this does not determine the color of my soul
That color being yellow
Yellow is the color of the sun
Yellow is the color of life
We all wake up to the sun
We’ve come upon a time
To embrace the power of each other
In our difference and indifferences
To call us together as sister and brother

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