Let Me See...

Sat, 03/17/2018 - 15:09 -- RenaZen

Spread yourself wide. 

Like a crater on erosion, I spread you even wider. 

Mentally and spiritually I desire to be the Moses of the story. 

I have been doused with the power to elongate your mind thin, like the words of Malcolm. 

Ex-amples are given on a day to day on how I can make you better, and you for me. 

See I'm on that gentlemen - Baby Would You Mind type status. 

Slightly more thirsty with full disclosure. 

I want your permission for passion. 

I want you to want my rod of authority to guide you. 

Baby would you mind? 

See as a queen all you need is give the word, and I will puncture every juncture before me. 

Growing ever deeper with each moment of passion.

Like the Nile you allow us to flow so well, and I just want to dive in. 

Every waking moment I will show you the journey of this kings true goal. 

Stretching your kingdom more each day. 

For everything this rod touches will be an extention of you. 

For we are one and this is only for you. 

Lets open our third eyes and focus on the moment ever so fluently with the language only we can understand. 

Take charge and rule with me my queen. 

For YOU would make a great one. 

Baby would you mind? 




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