A Letter to His Lover

The first thing you notice is the smile. It melts your heart away.He will try to hide it when he realizes that you've noticed.if he does this, just tease him. Tell him not to smile. I promise he will be smiling in three seconds max. The second thing is his eyes. In the dark they are a dull, inticing grey, although the moment they are revealed by light they chill you with this calming sensation that will instantly bring a faint smile to your face, as they shine the brightest of blues. If you stare too long, he will get defensive and ask "Whatttt?" in a really whiney but adorable way. That is only beacause he can not see things from your perspective, so, just smile, shake your head, and give him a gentle kiss on his bright red hot cheek. The third thimg is the laugh. It pulls it all together. The little giggle that has a "baby stoppp!" that follows behind it. Usually he doesnt mean stop, not when he days it like that. You'll figure this out, for when you do stop and you cross your arms he will get offended. Never take him too seriously. He just wants to be loved. We all just want to be loved.


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