Letter to the Leaves

Before fall- in the hot season,
There is a time of treason.

In the summer breeze,
I found my feet frozen,
This day I was talking to the trees,
When suddenly- I heard a scream.

In the distance,
Some trucks rode in with desistance.
Men with low intentions began to take my friends away,
And I heard them call to me.

Sorrowful- I cried,
Shameful- I closed my eyes,
I could not watch my friends die.

The footprint overbearing,
I felt a great urge of despairing.
I felt my lungs start to cave,
And oxygen I start to crave.

Forever- their leaves lie in the dust,
Forever- I apologize--- yes, I must.

Of my existence- we took you away,
And now I can say,
I am sorry and I am sorrowful.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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