A Letter to my Beautiful Flower

Dear Daisy,

To my beautiful flower, my sweet baby girl

Since you withered away the garden of my life has lost some of its colors

And I fear with spring swiftly approaching what will unfurl

It’s been almost a year now, and I still miss you so

They push, prod, and pull, but I still won’t let go


My green-eyed girl, my ginger-haired beauty

You may have been three years my junior, but you still treated me like your kit

Coping with colorful hats and the occasional tea party

Being bombarded by plush animals, plastic foods, and dolls

You had the patience of a saint, for an animal with such a devilish notoriety


To my tender-hearted tabby, my motherly sister

Growing up was hard but you made it easier

No matter how terrible of a day I had I always knew

That when I came home I could pull you into my arms

And you would return with a loving embrace

With furry little paws, and a somehow reassuring face


My greying gal, my resilient little beauty

I have always known that nothing lasts forever

But nothing could ever prepare me for saying goodbye

You have given me nineteen years of your light and your color

For that I am forever grateful, and I will not cry

I know that you are far away, yet I still feel your warmth here in my heart

My beautiful flower, my sweet baby girl

Death may have picked you from my garden, but he will never tear us apart.


This poem is about: 
My family