Letting It Be More

Growing up, I had my pick from
The Big Four of respectable careers for Asians
Business, Law, Engineering, and Medicine

I chose to be a doctor
But I realized I disliked science
So I changed my mind
And majored in Sociology and Political Science

Looking back on how I came to be
It was typical, uneventful, not earth-shattering
After all, becoming a lawyer was a no-brainer
Because majoring in the humanities needed some sort of justifiable sequel


It all started with being a means to an end
And really just following through with a trend
But as the reality of going to law school drew near
I realized I really did want this to be more than just a career


So now, I'm walking down this path God has set me on
To be a voice of influence
To those who think they are less than they are


As a woman and an Asian-American
Being a lawyer will change my life
By empowering other Asian-American women
That they have more than what it takes
To seize that of which extends past what meets the eye.



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