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Life is a fantasy.
You can get better at it with nothing to worry about.
But the real truth is that no one said life would be easy to do.
Life is like a fairy tale.
You can dream about anything you like,but no one will promise you that all your dreams will come true.
Life is a joke
You can laugh at anything you think is funny but no one said that everything in life would be funny alll the time.
Life is like a house.
You can live your live like there's no tomorrow but the real truth is that you never know when is your last day of living.
life is love
everything in life has a connection with you loving someone or something but no one promised that someone or something will love you back the sme way you do.
Life is life
No one knows whats going to happen next
everything in life is unexpected
so get ready because nay moment your life can end in just a blink of an eye.
life is reality.

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