They say life is what you make it…

All you gotta do is fake it til you make it…

You know?

It’s better to give than to take it,

But see,

This life is a recipe and it only comes out how we make it,

There is no faking it til we make it,

You gotta take it when you make it,

Life can be a trip…

Even a rollercoaster at times…

It’ll take you on every twist and turn and…

Maybe you’ll even come out with a few hurts and burns,

But you gotta live with what you learn,

Only taking what you earn,

Taking no boundaries to what is given,

Knowing that forgiving is actually giving,

Trusting that the sky was never a limit,

Know that there is no limit to the word “limit”,

Never just go with the flow,

 Always choose to fly high in the sky,

Never let a dream get the chance to die…

Take a chance at life,

Take a chance at love,

Take a jab at every fear

And understand the truth about life,

This life is an open book waiting to be written,

And it’s our choice to choose how it is published,

Understand that every blessing is never just a life learned lesson,

But a life earned lesson as well,

Everything that you accomplish will be a salute to those that couldn’t accomplish.

It’ll be a salute to your forefathers and foreign mothers,

It’ll signify that you understand the truth about life,

The stolen truth that you can die and never even live a life,

Just understand that you never should feel the need to lack in life,

Either you can take a path in life or you’ll feel the wrath of life,

Live the life that you love,

Live to love yourself,

Accomplish something,

Experience a life,

And then you will understand the truth about life…

To live is to win and to win is to live…



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