The alarm sounds every morning at 4:30

I look outside but see nothing because it's still dark

As I prepare for another day at the job I loath

I question why I spend my precious time doing what I hate.

Is it because I love waking up this early? 

No, I'd rather still be in bed with Her.

Is it because I love the money? 

No, it's because I need it for Her. 

She doesn't freely spend it or anything, yet she needs it

The cancer infiltrated her body a month ago

And she's fighting hard, yet dying

And if she dies, part of me would go with her.

While at work, I wonder why life delt her these cards

Why life would be so unfair to someone so perfect

Someone so beautiful

Someone so kind and gentle

While at work one day, I receive a call

The person on the other line shares some news.

And now a part of me is dead. 


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