Life is a Clock


Life is a clock in so many ways

To live through time, and count all your days

My daddy always told me,  "honey, time is forever."

Buy I never thought anything of it, But never say never

As a child the dark was scary and the light was soothing

But life at that time was surrounded by choosing

Whether to cross the street, or to ride my bike along the path

whether not to wash the dishes and then hear my mothers wrath

whether to think twice or just do what I wanted to 

and not listen to my conscience which was the best thing to do

Life is a clock in so many ways

one day you've turned 18, since you've started counting your days 

Wrong decisions brought from left to right

trying to fight off the devil with God's bright light 

Some will choose the path of right and some of wrong

some will be stuck in the middle all their life long

but the path that is chosen may not be what is true

for sometimes you are lost and you let the path choose you

Life is a clock in so many ways

Now you have a family since you started counting your days

You've a husband who calls you honey, and a child who says mom

You let things stress you, rarely you are calm

you work for a living to provide for your own

sometimes you're tired and have a melancholy tone

But now you must live for others, because its not only you

Tuck away the bad feelings and do what you have to do

Life is a clock in so many ways

One day your clock stops ticking, and you've stopped counting your days

You hope you'll be missed, and you'll thing back to day one

when you came out in that hospital and saw the bright sun

My daddy said "Time is forever" and that he spoke was true

since time doesnt ever end, it goes on without you

But life is a clock in so many ways,

choose your choices wisely because you wont always be counting your days


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