Life Out Of Disguise

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 21:08 -- Scango


Here let me tell you about life out of disguise,

About who we are, free of misconception and lies.

Some people, they have got it all so, so wrong,

Having countless filters on pictures and saying "selfie game strong".

Talking to people and not truly saying how they feel,

Although on the inside they keep the truth bottled up and concealed.

Going for the highest number of likes on Instagram,

Never stoping to think the picture is not worth near as much as the man.

Over time people wonder can we lose the filter and be true to our self,

Forgetting the opinions of every one else.

Instead of trying to hide something or use disguise

Let every one know the true you, the you that is on the inside.

Treat everyone the same no judgement or hate,

Every day like your last, don't just stay back and wait.

Remember that life out of disguise is the best thing to do,

Surely being happy starts with being true to you.
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