Life is a test

Just a young boy coming straight from the Bronx need to expect life always comes with some knocks this story's pretty tough don't know where to start maybe it's watching my family fall apart child abuse such a scary situation having to be quiet without providing explanation to all the cuts that show on my body can't really trust no one feel like no one cares about me. Going to school going straight to class got my mind on my studies and hoping I can pass. Got the crowd looking at me because they couldn't read me fully teasing and hating on my life so I guess you're a bully. Had my head down for a while feeling like life stinks took a second and realized it doesn't matter what people think. So when life gets tough and you feel like you wanna give up just keep a smile and leave the haters to dust. Chasing my goals got so much ambition cooking up more ideas for my future then Hell's Kitchen. What's a quitter? I don't know the definition came through so many times but don't get enough recognition I know this isn't a poem but this rap is quite explicit based on a true story and my facts are efficient been through so many struggles so I know that life's a test I still soar like an eagle spread my wings and fly above the rest.

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