So simple we forget about it

So important we can't live without it

So universal we don't speak about it

but it's always there for us

through thick and thin

through anger and fuss

through pride and sin

and we hardly stop to acknowledge

the light

The light

That reveals to us the beauty of the world

The beauty of ourselves

The light that makes our food grow

Without the world would just be a shadow

A rock void of life

Sailing into the pitch black emptiness of space

No animals, no plants, no human race

No beauty


The light that loves us so much

it literally goes to the moon and back

just to warm us through the night


The light that’s loved us from the beginning

For so long we take it for granted

Granted we haven’t been around that long

Not even a fraction of a second

In the eyes of the light



I can’t live without that light


Not just the light keeps me alive

But the light that warms my soul

Because everyday it strengthens my drive

To smile even when I loose control

Of my life, of my thoughts, my world

Even when it seems everything is coming unfurled

I keep running, I keep going, I keep smiling

Even as the woes keep piling

Up on my mind, I tell them to go away

Because the light shows me the way

It shows me the wonders of life

Tells my to put down my knife

Cast aside my hatred, And fight, And embrace forgiving,

Because all life is bright, And all life, is worth living.




This poem is about: 
Our world


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