My feelings fall beneath the clouds,
I see the sun shining through.
I pray I see the light come anew.
I whisper softly to the wind,
help be feel whole again,
this sickness came too fast
I pray my time will last,
I look into the faces
of the ones I hold dear,
I whisper gently in their ear
My light will shine
even past my prime,
I know it's come to an end,
but we shall see eachother again.
The light begins to fade, and I begin to pray.
I see the white, and pearls so pure.
Where am I now this place so clean and clear.
I see the gates, the gold that shines so bright
I look below and see my family crying in the light.
I gently whisper through the clouds below,
Goodbye my loved ones, I had to go.
It's peaceful up here, and I feel no pain.
I know that with the Lord this is my gain.
Do not miss me, but pray instead.
For the souls that are lost, and yet to find grace.
and in the future, I will be with you in this very place.



A meaningful poem.

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