They give us a limit.

They say, "Go far, but not too far."

They say, "Go big, but not too big."

They say you can only do so much.

They say slow down, nows not the time.

They say watch your limits.

But why, why when there is none.

Who is to say we cant go far.

To say "slow down" when we have all the drive in the world.

Why will we be held back when we have an open road.

They say their is a limit, I say we are limitless.

We only have one life,

why have a life with limits.

Go big, but dont go home, go bigger.

Dont stop because you can, keep going because everyone says to stop

Be the best you can be and be limitless.

Dont stop at the sky, go into the galaxy and far beyond. 

Be limitless.

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Our world
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May this allow you to be a better version of you and make you aware that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

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