L.I.P (Live in Peace)


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What is there left to say,
when the feelings I am having may be hard to convey.
You wanna know what’s going on inside my head,
because my facial expression are like some little boys dreams: dead.
But who says it has to be that way?
Who says we live in a world that will put you on top if you’re willing to pay?
How am I supposed to express the things that I may not say. How can I lay my head on my pillow day to day without acknowledging God even once when I begin to pray .
When is the last time I gave my mother a hug,
the kind they seeps in your skin like an emotional drug.
The kind that opens your heart and pushes you to do more,
and opens up your imagination like a motionless door.
Who says my words may be unorthodox that they may have no meaning in life
like some dude always running from the cops.
That they can’t touch the hearts of others and one day soon inspire.
Who ever said they couldn't , well they are just plain old liars.
Psychology says when a man doesn't feel he may be psychopath,
set out in utterly destruction lead to a road of darkness and aftermath,
but what if he didn't want to feel because the pain is too much.
What if he misses the kiss of this one girl or her gentle touch.
What if he found out everything he was doing was really a lie,
and people ask him why he is unemotional must you really ask why.
Have you ever walked down a hall but you couldn't see,
you’re walking this long walk not knowing where you may be.
Not knowing how you started and when you will ever end,
but you realize it doesn't matter once you find that true friend.
That friend that tells you it’s all gonna be ok,
who would accept as you are even when you start to go astray.
The one who walks the hall with you for this long journey ahead.
The friend who might be a different race but their blood his still red.
When you appear to be weak and not quite strong enough to stand,
that friend realizes it and pulls you by the hand.
They let you know that it may be okay to cry,
they motivate you to aim higher than the deep blue sky.
So when you’re walking this long journey that some call life,
when you run into a wall or fall into an abyss of strife;
,would you be able say yea I did pretty good,
but what actually defines good is a concept that is misunderstood.
For some it may be getting all a’s
for others it may be selfish and getting a whole lot of praise
The point is good comes in all shapes and sizes
but to find out what really is good you may have to stretch your horizon,
get out of your comfort zone and try new thing,
s because sometimes new isn't always as bad as it seems.
So why am I writing this, what is my ultimate purpose
, what is the ultimate point as you read through these lyrical verses….
The whole point of it all is that there isn't one,
because doing things sporadically is much more thrilling and fun.
If college has taught me anything it’s not to always go by books,
learn in different ways and every now and then try on different looks.
Because when it’s all said and done all you have left is a memory,
wouldn't you want to remember you were all you can be?
Don’t you want to be a living inspiration for your sister or brothers
and inspire mankind to stop mimicking each other.
To open their eyes and stop trying look good as everyone else,
because what’s the use of being unique if you can’t even define that word within yourself.
Yes, I know we have our limitations,
but when I say quit you may say recreation.
What I may not see may be clear to you,
so let’s work together and totally redefine the word new.
Let’s make a new world for generations to come
so people will stop living lives without emotions Nova cane, so numb.
So people may have a reason to live again,
so that child may reconnect and find that true friend,
so that boys dream will not instantly be dead,
so your son or daughter may have inspiring words to be said.
So people will not wake up feeling misunderstood,
so we won’t think of a negative connotation whenever someone thinks of the “hood.”
Let’s devoted our time so the word good will really have a positive meaning.
So someone will understand and finally see what I’m seeing.
For me, I don’t want to live only for myself,
because there is a burning desire in my heart to assist somebody else.
Even if that means I may be giving them my all
but at my funeral at least that person will be able to recall,
that someone really cared and for no apparent reason.
Not helping anyone at all is the true meaning of treason.
What’s the point of being selfish if you can’t take anything once you are gone,
maybe its ok for you to rest in peace, but I want my memory to live on.


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