little black child


United States
36° 1' 10.74" N, 79° 45' 44.7048" W
United States
36° 1' 10.74" N, 79° 45' 44.7048" W

the young black child goes to school with its head hung low

feeling worthless and life missing its glow

the child felt its skin was to dark

that being white was a work of art

not knowing all the sacrifices that were made

by the civil right movement and all the choices these brave people paid

martin luther king with i have a dream speaches

marchers running being chase down the road by dogs without leashes

fire hoeses with the pressure up high

held by firemen with hate in their eyes

the sit in four want justice for all with a slice of apple pie

not accepting they were less even if they had to die

Jim Crow laws were unjust

making people sit in different sections on the bus

the color of racism is hate

so sad that the color determined someones fate

Emmett Till so young and strong

threwn in the lake because justice took too long

Blacks and whites stood together to try to paint a new color to wash away the color of hate

with a rainbow of friendship no mater the color of your face over with color known as abdicate

when these color comes together it makes the color called love

making the portrait the color of a dove

We have waited so long to finally be treated as equals so stand up tall and hold your head up high little black child and know the truth

you are smart and beautiful in the year of your blooming youth

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