To The Little Fire Inside,

To the little fire inside,


Hello Dear Friend.

It’s me again.

I thought I would write to thank you


In the beginning, they wished for me to be decent

For a normal life to ring through

Didn't expect the girl to be brilliant- with such daddy issues.

You carried me through life, with grace and dignity

A little fire burning inside- begging someone to find me


When we spent all the time in the prison

Visiting family and friends

You told me that this may be the beginning, but darling it will not be the end

You focused on my goals, on success, on love

You reminded me it didn't matter where I came from, but what's within and above

When time came and the bars slammed shut

You yelled at me, “It's time to get up”

I pushed through then, and I push through now

Little fire, without you, I would not know how.


You were there when my heart first broke

When I found his hands wrapped around my throat

When I did not know if I should leave the pain

I held onto you, my little flame.


When I left to find my way

They never thought the poor one would

I focused on your light

And I knew that I could


You have seen me broken, abused, tired, and worn down

But , you the little fire inside, never burnt out

You are my passion, my love, my motivation

You gave me strength in times when I could not face it


Little fire you are burning , I am glad you are still alive

I have grown stronger now, because of you I thrive

19, brave , and taking on the world

I am lighting the candles within the other girls


Their eyes were hollow, dead inside

But the spark ignites, the flames start to rise

My little flame, you have kept me warm when my heart wanted to turn cold

You pushed me into the crowd and told me to be bold

Little flame, you knew my job was more than just myself

Your light cannot die, because now it's in everyone else.


My little flame I write this letter, because without you I would not be alive

You woke me up from depression, and told me to try

I am not broken anymore, I am welded together by your heat

They cannot make me a prisoner, because I now know how to be free

Dear friend, thank you for lighting the fire that made me, me

I know I am stronger, I am sorry before I did not see


And if the time comes that you ever burn out

Take me with you because I cannot live without

You’re my drive that brings me forward

The light that helps me see

I am not myself without you, and you are not without me



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