Live, and be well

For all the raging seas,
For all the turbulent forces,
For all the doors that had no keys,

My mentors were there for me,
In my corner, like a coach
In a boxing ring,
Cheering me because this was my
Last match and all I had to do
Was show em the old one-two.

For all the friends that weren't there,
The nightmares that showed their heads,
For all the sitting in bathrooms crying,

My family was always there,
Hand on my shoulder,
An encouraging word in their mouth,
Like you'll do better next time,
And keep up the good work.

To all of those that have seen me through,
To all that have put their faith in me,
I wont let you down.
So, live and be well.
This is my battle now.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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