The Long Jorney

Sat, 10/03/2015 - 23:00 -- IsaLei

I am strong 

I am fragile

I am brave

I am scared...

Three years old, mommy said "some people just don't get along"

Before I knew it, mommy found somone new and daddy did too

There we were, stuck in the middle

Going to work with mom and then with dad to doctor's appointments

I never got the image of hospital beds, rooms, & nurses out of my head

One phone call changed everything...

Daddy was really sick

Oblivious to the world at age seven, it was just another trip to the hospital

I didn't know that that was the last "bye daddy"

The hurt and pain never went away

Through the years of moving, happy times, hard times, and lonely times he was with me

6 years later, everything changed again 

New family, new home, new school

1 year later, my world flipped again

Then, another phone call changed everything... 

Mommy was in the hospital, stroke

Another devestaing moment of all of our lives

She got stronger, thank the good Lord

2 years later, Senior year

Now, I plan to make my parents proud

Intrest in the medical field, helping others, ecouraging other to get better 

Thats my journey 




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