Long live summer nights.

I dream it not
It makes me dream
And I grow weary I do
And I age plenty too

It comes forth forcibly
and passes so silly, so suddenly

Therefore, I write
to ease the soul and not the mind
Like the engine and not the body
inner qualities get us so
where we need to be
'least for me it's true

My dreams let me not be free
mind meaningless
soul survivor
twisting these ideas my dreams fulfill easily
Coherent and lucid, yet emotionally run
art to hands
release to hemispheres
my plans, my courage
The overwhelming flashes
It's all in the writing that stands the outlasted

To the summer nights
and dreams
the yielding scares
no seek to fight
but for communication to light

I write you this
For you, take it
My sincerest thoughts
you brought out of me
I know you'll be leaving
and letting me be
And until then
My words
They'll come out
And you will see
Just how quietly.


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