Longing Love

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 11:53 -- wsaeedi


I stand in solitude.

Breathing in the airs of emptiness surrounding me.

Longing for your company,

Longing for your embrace.

I travel farther and farther, but reach no satisfactory destination.

You slip slowly from my horizon 

And become a shadow grazing the depths of my explosive mind.

Anger and compassion, 

Heaviness and desire fill my being and further my desperate longing.

The love I possess for you knows no ends,

You are the air in my lungs, 

The warmth of my body

And the pulsation in my heart.

You've graced my being and opened my mind to a new love,

One that is rare and one that can never be forgotten.

Though seperation departs us, 

You feel closer to me than my own skin.


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