Look In Me


Look in me. Now tell me what do you see. You don't see much. But let me tell you what I see a child force to be grown. I see a child with fear in her eyes asking "why me!" "Why now !" . I see darkness and pain. Did you see that!? I guess not ! I see someone who is tall and lanky with a pretty face with no kind of confidence. I see a foolish little girl with problems beyond this world. I see a girl who's confused about life. I see a girl who seems to forget who she is. I see a girl who doesn't know the blessings she has. I see a girl with a world up side down. Now did you see all that? You didn't I did! I saw me in there waiting to be free , waiting ...waiting to be me. she's waiting to be seen in a whole new light . a light brighter than the sun. So people would see she is in me. And is ready to be shown. Shown to the world to be accepted. To be recognized as one of the same. I hope you're ready for her because she's ready for you!



i wrote this about how i felt about myself

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