Looking Back

Wed, 03/26/2014 - 19:16 -- hro1130

Astronaut or ballerina,

those are a bit too much for me.

I want to share my passions

and this job is the key:

I want to be a teacher,

to show others the past.

I want to share how ancient questions

will inevitably last

long after we have struggled

to find a single reason

for all the cheating and the lying,

the wars and all the treason.


Our past paints a picture

larger than we can comprehend.

And this picture, rather, this mural

truely does not lend

itself to easy answers

like this is right or that,

but the truth that there aren't easy answers

isn’t bad. In fact,

it’s my favorite side of all of this,

the room there is to grow

and expand on all the gray spots

because there is no way to know

if you're right or wrong

as new discoveries come to be known.

Unfortunately to make this dream a reality,

I could really use a loan.



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