Looking Deeper


The point where light and dark converge,
I'm an electronic surge.
My colors leak outside the lines
My mind ne'er stops, it only climbs!

The brightly colored blade of grass,
Among the limp and dead I pass.
I stand out in the gray scale crowd,
The wind that spins this dreary cloud.

I play the keys of space and time,
I strum the chords of love and rhyme.
I sing the thoughts of everyone.
the song I sing's a happy one.

The Major, minor, Major Third.
The sound goes on, almost absurd.
My song will never be complete,
My words, they always taste so sweet!

I am a song without an end
I'm what's "just around the river bend"
After this worldly Chord Progression,
My solo becomes a vast procession.

My Mural, though abstract it may be,
It's twists and curves and strokes are key.
For when time and space no longer matter,
my painting stays more than a simple spatter.



They say "a picture says a thousand words," and I believe this to be true.

The beautiful part of poetry is that the writer can paint a thousand pictures with each word, and these pictures will vary by reader.

Poetry is a beautiful way to express oneself!

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