The Lord spoke to me

Saturday morning 

The Lord spoke to me in my dream

In that dream, I was preaching the sermon

challenging the congregation 

if we don’t love each other

how can we go out in the community to love others

the greatest commandment is to love our Lord

with all our hearts, mind , and soul

then love our neighbors as we love ourselves 

the congregation scattered like roaches 

the arena was empty 

Lord’s message got across


Sunday morning

The Lord spoke to me again in my dream

I saw a glimpse of Heaven

i was one of God’s angels going to different cities, different countries

preaching the gospel until I met someone 

somehow, I prejudge that looks different

The Lord scoffed at me stating very clearly 

Dumb and arrogant 

that moment humbled me to be obedient 

The Lord forgave me of my sins

He use me to carry out His mission

thank you Lord for speaking to me

i need U


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



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