Losing Feathers

Sat, 12/23/2017 - 04:42 -- Samm

The rise of sun
I cannot see it
Helplessly, I lay
My wings nearly bare
I cannot move
I cannot speak
My limbs heavy
Bricks on my body

Slowly, ever slowly
The pure white feather
Will blacken; turn to ash
They are my hopes
Fading fast

Do you wish to help
Or watch in silence
As I lose my ways
And lose my feathers

A hollow hurt heart
Smolders as feathers do
Slowly and painfully
Yet painlessly
I lose my hopes
My feathers burn

Clammy and pale
Phantasmagoric images
Dance across my vision
Do you feel hopeless
Just as I do

I had hoped and dreamed
Just as you still do
But my wings lost strength
Becoming frail and tired
Once as beautiful as yours
Only to wilt and burn to ash

Flakes build in piles
They cover my body
Like weights of steel
And you walk close
The dust remained still

You hold out a hand
My last feather bursts into flames
I see your hope and reach
Ashes fall from my heavy limbs
The fire burns on

I no longer feel as weighted
My wings turn to flames
And they are born anew
They will be ash sometime again
But then they will return brighter than before
And you will be there
To help me through

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My family
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