Lost Authenticity


Math, Science, Technology.

Hard sciences.

We’re pushed from day one,

And told what we’re to become.


The dancer in you longs to be free.

Your voice aches to be heard.

The writer inside

Begins to shrivel and hide.


Punished for failure.

We are taught the way of perfection.

Black and white—

Wrong OR right


Where is encouragement?

Who said life is cut and dry?

What happened to creativity?



Why is failure a plague?

That’s how we grow…

Why aren’t we praised for creating?

Instead of regurgitating?


It’s about good grades,

Which we get by pure memorization.

But that won’t change the world.

The expectation is absurd.


Teach me to think differently—

If I think like you

We become the same

In a separate frame.


Rather, let us love differences

Expect variance.

That is how we will serve

And spiral an upward curve. 


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