Lost to Cancer

Wed, 02/25/2015 - 22:04 -- Blue J

She never smoked,

She still got cancer,

You thought you could avoid it,

You would just not think about,

Not talk to her,


They said she'd get better,

She never did,

Merry Christmas!

Your step mom is dying,

2 days later and she's dead.

You never got to say goodbye


A year has gone by,

You're still avoiding the pain,

You finally break,


All you do is cry,

You want to go back,

You want one more hug,

One more talk,

One more game,

One more anything so long as you're with her,

But you can't,

All you have is this emptiness that will never be filled,


People tell you need to move on,

You don't,

If you move one, it would be saying you're okay

You might forget, the little things

The way her voice sounded, the way she laughed


Maybe a new school would help, a new life

But the only life you want is one with her in it,

The one life you can't have.


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