The Lost Pages

A woman sits in a chair reading her book,
Something is on her mind, you can tell by her look.

She turns the pages with caution,
Her eyes set on the book with passion.

She appears to almost be in a daze,
And a tear rolls down her cheek with each passing page.

She sits there for hours , almost seeming for days.
The days feel like years, and soon her hair turns a silver gray.

Life is evolving around her at a fast pace,
Yet she clutches her book tightly, staring herself in the face.

She places her right hand on her chest,
Closing her eyes as in a deep rest.

The hands on her clock scream-TICK TOCK..

Her body sits motionless, and not a peep is heard.
Her fingers still wrapped around the book she held.

The pages in perfect condition,
The photos displaying her every vision.

But None filled with worries,
Just an anthology of all her past memories....

"Those who live in the past, deprive
themselves of a future"


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