The Lost Soul

Wed, 11/04/2015 - 18:08 -- Nyquan

I'm as pure as gold
I have a gift of pride
I am strong and ambitious
With dreams all across my mind
I am a soldier
I am a legend
I am the greatest
I am powerful
I am.. I am.. the king of all kings
Who am I
A living human-being
With talent and vision
Roaming all across the streets
Thinking of my life and dreams
Trying to figure out who I wanna be
But that the thing
I know where I'm going to lead
I'm unique
Surprised to be out spoken as a bean
I live for eternity
I live my life praying to see the heaven gates
And one day I would be able to see
Myself flying with wings and a smile on my face
Crowned by the highest king
Looking at my life and say my wish has been made
I can't believe I finally made it there
Rest In Peace
We Will Always Remember The Lost Soul
That Was Broken Into A Piece
But Remember My Lost Soul Of An Unspoken Bean

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