Tue, 11/06/2012 - 10:14 -- dhogan3


United States
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When the sun sets, you are my stars.
When the morning comes, you are my sun.
When the rain comes, you are the mist.
When the lightning strikes, you are the thunder.
When the note is played, you are the pitch.
When the ocean hums, you are the waves.
When the darkness swallows the world, you are my light.
When the storm dies, you are the rainbow.
When the planets shine in the night, you are the galaxy.
When the roar is heard, you muffle the sound.
When the world dies, you are my hope.
When fear arises, you are my courage.
When the sadness comes, you are my happiness.
When the anger advances, you calm me.
When the sickness comes over me, you are my remedy.
When the tough times come, you are my shield.
Our Love is never ending.