They say love is a great feeling; It gives the heart great healing. Like a child christmas morning, or a rainbow after the pouring. So high on love, don't realize what is does. Pain. Tears. Sorrow, through out the years. Love murders. Love hurts. It feels lower than dirt.  Like a knife straight through your heart. Make your heart never restart to feel love. Feels like your on top of the world, when you have that boy or girl. What happens when that world collapse, and they no longer have your back?  Heart break starts to kick in. Can not controll the feelings within. What happens when a loved one dies, and you got that feeling deep inside. You thought they'd never leave. So deep inside you bleed. Love hurts. Love dies. Love kills. Love cries. LOVE! they say it last forever, but it's really unpredicatble, like change in the weather. Love!


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