Love Covers All

Because I Love You

As a child, those were the words

I never understood. 

Mom, why do you give me consequences

or get mad when you cant find me

in the grocery store?

"Because I Love You" 

I never quite realized the capacity

of those words. 

But now I stand here and know

those words go deeper that the ocean 

they run wider than the sky

Those words trail longer than the Nile

they soar higher than the stars. 

Sometimes people question 

why others do what they do 

Why do you care if I eat?

Why are you helping me?

Why are you so kind despite what I've done?

Why do you care that I live?

Becasue I Love You. 


Love. Love is action. 

Love is giving when it hurts, 

sharing when you have nothing, 

smiling even if your own heart may be breaking. 

To Love is to sacrafice.

It is painful

It is messy

It doesn't makes sense most of the time.

But the thing about Love

is that it will never leave you empty

the thing about Love

is that it is always


worth it. 

Because you see

Love goes deeper than the ocean

Love rus wider than the sky

Love trails longer than the Nile

Love soars higher than the stars

I choose to Love because I finally understand. 

Love covers all. 

and Because I Love You

I will never stop Loving you. 

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